If you want to implement a social media strategy for your business that is GUARANTEED to grow your audience this video is for you.


What are the benefits for me?

  • Saves time for your business.
  • Saves money for your business.
  • 100% guaranteed to increase your audience.
  • Helps your company to become a trusted advisor.
  • Helps your business to increase sales and revenue.

Here's what you will learn!

  • We teach you which software to use to publish your content (against everything you've ever been told by the 'Gurus').
  • We teach you how to compose your posts to maximise engagement (and position you as a trusted advisor forever).
  • We teach you the truth about using hyperlinks and hashtags (to bring a new audience closer to you and your company).
  • We teach you how to increase the engagement levels of your social media posts (by using graphics that command attention).
  • ​We teach you how to schedule your content (to attract new clients that will spend REAL money with YOUR business).

Here's everything you need to know!

What is social media automation?

Social media automation means creating a “bank” of messages that are then scheduled to automatically post in advance. Your “bank” of messages can be edited or added to at any time meaning your content is everchanging. Automation helps you spend your time more effectively and allows you to personally follow up all the new leads that have interacted on your social media platforms. 

Can I post everything manually?

Managing the social media strategy of your business manually is too time consuming, stressful and prevents you from doing the important stuff like converting prospects into customers! Being consistent with your social media strategy is vital which is why automation wins hands down. Automation guarantees your target audience see you every day which also builds the brand awareness of your company to new prospective clients. With our automated campaign you can still post manually when you need to.

Does social media automation deliver more engagement?

100% it does! Your social media presence needs to be on “turbo” every day. Not just when you are quiet but when you are busy too! By automating the publishing of your posts you are removing that scenario of “being too busy”. When that happens your audience don’t receive your messages, your engagement levels begin to fall and your social media campaign falls flat again. Social media automation gives you total consistency. So yes automation works. It means you are seen by more people and your audience continues to grow which is key to maximising engagement.

How much time can automation save?   

Here’s an experiment. Tomorrow keep a log of how much time you spent on your business social media platforms. It may not seem much but over course of a day, a week, a month that’s going to be a significant amount of time. Plus, is it just you that spends time on your company’s social media profiles? What if there are 3 or 4 others spending time writing and updating posts. It can easily equate to several days per month. So without question automating the publishing of your posts will save you and your business masses of time. The most important benefit though is that you and your team can now respond to engagement in real time and start generating some new business which is why you were using social media in the first place!

Why should I automate my social media?

Nobody has the time to sit down and manage a successful business campaign manually so most of your audience are already doing the same. Automating your strategy is not meant to be a replacement of human interaction and does not prevent you from posting something manually. In fact, the whole point of automating your posts is so that you CAN respond personally.  

Can I publish the same post more than once?

Certainly you can which is why automation is such a brilliant solution. Messages are on the screen for seconds so those who don’t see it the first time can see it next time. Big brands automate all the time to maximise their audience. Just think about TV commercials. Posting updates again over time means they are repeatedly be seen by new groups of people and you continue to grow your audience organically. This encourages even more trust and maximises the engagement of your social media campaign.

What’s the best type of content to automate?

  • Links to pages on your company website
  • Links to your company blog
  • Links to your LinkedIn profile
  • Product information and offers
  • Questions for your target audience
  • Answers for your target audience
  • Known pain points for your target audience

What types of updates should I post live?

  • Reply to your followers’ actions
  • If existing clients comment give them a call
  • Post any latest company news or upcoming events
  • Make sure you are commenting on other posts too


The BIGGEST advantage social media automation gives you is the time to monitor your social media feeds and then engage in real time. When somebody follows, likes, comments or shares your post take a look at their profile. Are they a prospective client for your business? If yes then reply to them in real time. They won’t be expecting you to do that and you have just created a new business opportunity. That’s precisely how the leading brands generate a positive financial return on their social media activity.